Who Said it Best: American vs. British English

Which of the following are correct: Color or colour? Aluminum or aluminium? Neighbor or neighbour? The answer is: all of them! Many English words have different spellings in the US and the UK, even though they mean the same thing and are used the same way. But what about their pronunciations?

Obviously, English words are going to sound different when said in an American accent than in a British one. But did you know that the difference in the way that people from the US and UK speak expands even further than that? What Americans call an elevator, Brits call a lift. And the thing that the British refer to as a bin is known as a trashcan in the US.

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David and Chris, two of our English language experts, took a closer look at the pronunciation of words and exactly how deep their differences are rooted. Take a look and decide for yourself who is the winner of this particular debate.



Do you have any other words you'd like to know more about in British or American English? Let us know in the comment section below.

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