How to Experience Wimbledon like a Local

With June behind us, the UK is stepping into the English summer and finally seeing a bit of that long-awaited sunshine. So what do native Britons do to indulge in the rare instances of warm weather to laze away the afternoons? There are many traditional events that Britons take part in year after year, but none is more recognized than Wimbledon.

One of the most famous sporting events in the UK, Wimbledon is renowned across the world. Every year, the world’s best tennis players get together in South West London to compete.

So whether you are an avid tennis fan or just happen to be in the UK and want to catch a few matches, it’s easier to enjoy Wimbledon than you think. We’ve put together a few helpful tips on how to experience Wimbledon like the locals do.

Have a picnic

The British people are quite famous for their love of queuing, so many show up early and wait in line to see if they can get a ground pass for one of the games. But did you know that you don’t even need tickets to watch the matches? If you want to get up close, then a ticket is definitely a good idea. But every year, die-hard fans pack themselves a picnic and head up to Henman Hill to enjoy the sunshine (when they can get it) and watch the tennis on the big screen. Enjoy an ice cream and get a bit of a suntan all while indulging in the Wimbledon culture.

Handy tip: Expect all sorts of weather, and be sure to pack sunglasses, sunscreen, an umbrella, and plenty of layers!

Picnic in the park
Embrace the sunshine with your friends and watch the match from Henman Hill.


Indulge in the Wimbledon traditions

You won’t have a true native Wimbledon experience until you try one of Britain’s favorite traditions: Pimm’s and strawberries with cream. Pimm’s is an alcoholic drink that is extremely popular in the UK during the summer months. It is a gin-based liqueur mixed with lemonade, fruit, and fresh mint, and is very refreshing on a hot day. This traditional English beverage pairs nicely with a cup of strawberries and tasty cream, both of which are served at The All England Lawn Tennis Club.

Handy tip: Pimms can be a bit pricey at the matches, but many of the local pubs offer it throughout the summer at reasonable prices.

strawberries and cream
Try something decedent and delicious like strawberries and cream.


Watch Wimbledon in style in another location

Since all of the matches are televised, you can really watch it anywhere. So why not go out and enjoy a local venue and watch the match with friends in a quirky environment?

Wimbledon Afternoon Tea in Shoreditch 

Experience the tennis with the stylish English tradition of tea at The Hoxton in Shoreditch. Grab a seat in the beautiful indoor garden and get all of the benefits of being outside without the threat of nasty weather.

London Bridge City Summer Festival Screening 

Sit by the river and watch the matches on a giant screen, overlooking the Thames. The festival also includes live theatre and DJs, so you can stay after the matches have finished and enjoy a day out in central London.

Handy tip: Many of the local pubs show the matches, so why not pop down to your local and see if its on?

english tea
Watch the match in style with some traditional afternoon tea.


What to do when it rains

Another English tradition is the unpredictability of the weather. So chances are fairly likely that it will rain during one of the Wimbledon matches. If the rain is light, most people just put their hoods on, open their umbrellas, and the matches go on. If the rain persists, the matches will be cancelled, and the crowds migrate to a nearby pub or restaurant. Just because the match is cancelled doesn’t mean your day out is ruined!

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