How to interview in English

Going for a job interview can be a really daunting experience, especially if you are interviewing in a language that is not your native tongue. If you've found the perfect job but aren't sure how to interview in English, take a look our tips!


Introduce yourself

Most interviewers will ask you to explain a little bit about yourself. This is more basic then talking about your name and where you are from and your hobbies; they want to hear about your career progression.

Tell them about the jobs that you have done in the past and the skills that you have. Support all of these with examples. If you have moved abroad specifically to improve your career, this is something else to include.

               > “I have been working as a Sales Advisor in my home town in Germany for two years, where I was employee of the month for making the most sales.”

               > “I have lots of experience in travel and tourism. I have always been interested in working abroad and I recently moved to London from France to            study English to further my career.”


What are you good at?

This is a good opportunity to tell the interviewers all about your positive qualities. Remember, it has to relate to the job that you are going for. They need to know why you would be the right person to have in their team.

               > “I am a team player – I work well with other people and like motivating a team to success. In my last job, I was responsible for training new starters”

               > “I am a good communicator – having a second language means that I have good reading and writing skills as well as being able to speak to people in a work environment”

               > “I am ambitious – I like to aim high and achieve good results. Last year I was promoted from intern level to executive”

               > “I am creative – I like to come up with fun and new ideas. In my last job I was responsible for introducing a new design for our menus.”


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Talk about the future here, but again keep it related to your job goals. It shows you have ambition.

               > “I’d like to have a wider knowledge and experience in the world of catering”

               > “In five years times I see myself in a managerial marketing role”

               > “In the future I would like to create a name for myself in the music industry”


Do you have any questions for me/us?

Always have questions for your interviewer, because it makes you look interested in the company.

               > “What is the in house training policy for staff members?”

This shows that you want to be a part of the company and also want to grow.

               > “Do you have examples of the type of work I would be doing in this role?”

This gives more of an idea of the type of things you would be expected to do in your new job.

               > “What is the next part of the process?”

This is good for you to know, about the interview process and how many days it will take them to get in touch with you and if there will be a second interview.


Other tips

  • Arrive early – make sure you plan the journey in advance and allow yourself enough time in case of delays on public transport or traffic.
  • Always spend a few days preparing, so research the company and even the person who is interviewing.
  • Dress smartly, first impressions count!
  • Remember to relax! Job interviews don’t have to be scary; they can be a gateway into getting your perfect job.


If you are a Kaplan student, many of our schools offer career advice, which includes CV building and how to interview in English. Speak to one our staff members today to find out more.

Good Luck!

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