English Vocabulary For Using Public Transport

Whether you’re thinking about moving abroad or heading to another country for a vacation, without the country’s language it can be difficult to do simple things like take a taxi or jump on the train! Using public transportation in a new city can be very confusing and often it’s busy with people who are trying to get to their destination in the fastest way.

We’ve put together some useful vocabulary and phrases you might need when attempting transport in an English-speaking country.


Modes of transport


modes of transport








Where aircrafts and planes take off and land

Ensure to arrive at the airport with enough time to catch your flight.



This is the time when your flight, train or bus is scheduled to arrive

The arrival time of my train is in the afternoon.


Bus terminal

Where all the buses start their onward journey, it could be in the city center or outside the airport

Can you point me in the right direction to the bus terminal



Usually based in an airport or international train station where officials check documents of passengers and luggage

Let’s walk quickly so we don’t wait in a huge queue to go through customs.



This is the time when your flight, train or bus is due to leave

My flight departs at 9pm, so I’ll have to arrive at the airport a few hours before that.


Money exchange

A counter or kiosk where you can change any foreign money

Go to the money exchange before you leave, the exchange rate is always better.


Taxi rank

A place where empty taxi’s line up waiting for passengers, usually on a quite side street

Let’s head to the taxi rank, I’m sure we’ll find a taxi there.


Left luggage

A temporary place to store your luggage in a railway station or airport

I’ve placed my suitcase in left luggage as we have a long layover.



Your identity document you will need to check into international flights and pass through customs

We’re getting to the front of the queue, have your passport ready to be checked!




On a plane

  • What airline is my flight?
  • What time is my flight?
  • What gate number does my flight leave from?
  • Where do I get my connecting flight from?
  • Can I have a window / aisle seat?


At the ticket booth

  • Can I put money on my travel card?
  • Could I buy a ticket to __________?
  • How much does a ticket cost?
  • How much is a return (or round trip) ticket?


On / at the bus station

  • Where is the bus stop?
  • Where does this bus go?
  • Which bus should I take to get to _________ ?
  • Does this bus go to __________ ?


Going to / at the train station

  • Where is the nearest train station?
  • When will the next train arrive?
  • What line should I take?
  • Which train should I take to get to__________?


On the train

  • Is this train going to _____ ?
  • How many more stops until ______ ?
  • What time will the train arrive at my destination?
  • Where is the bathroom/toilet?



  • Where is the taxi rank?
  • Where can I find a taxi?
  • Do you use the meter?
  • How much will it cost to go here?


We hope that these questions and phrases will make your journey less stressful. What other phrases or words would be useful when dealing with public transport? 



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