Kaplan City Guide: Huntington Beach

Located in the peaceful and popular town of Huntington Beach, Golden West College is popular university on the coast of Southern California. Known as one of the surfing hotspots in the USA, Huntington Beach is both active and relaxing, with its beautiful beaches, stretching coastlines, and calm atmosphere making it a great city to study (and surf).


Go to Bella Terra Mall

“In my free time, I like to go the Bella Terra Mall.”

 Tip provided by:

 Juyoun Moon, South Korea

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat and shop, South Korean student Juyoun recommends visiting the Bella Terra Mall. Located next to the school, Juyoun likes to go here after class to try out the local restaurants, which offer everything from American, Mexican, Japanese, and Italian food, to the popular fro-yo shop Pinkberry.

Huntington Beach mall
You can spend the day shopping or just grab a tasty coffee at a local café


Easy access to other Coastal Californian towns

“Golden West is close to Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, which are all good places to visit.”

Tip provided by:

Thomas Rualt Bompard, France

For French student Thomas, the best part about studying at Golden West is its close proximity to iconic cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Peaceful, quiet, and calm, Huntington Beach offers a relaxed atmosphere for studying, while offering students the chance to enjoy the hustle and bustle of nearby cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego.

Near Huntington Beach
Why not spend the weekend in beautiful San Francisco?


Go surfing

“One of my favorite things to do is surf at the beach.”

Tip provided by:

Yousef Alqalitani, Saudi Arabia

With its 10 miles of sandy beaches, it’s no wonder Huntington beach is popular with students and locals alike for surfing. Known as one of the surfing capitals in the USA, it’s a popular destination for anyone looking for a bit of a thrill, or just wanting to sit and chill out on the beach.

Surf Hungtingon Beach
There are plenty of things to do in on the beaches


Capture the stunning sunsets

‘I love watching the sunset at Huntington Beach.’

Tip provided by:

Jihui Wang, China

As an active an outdoor town, one of the most popular places to visit in Huntington Beach is the Ocean Strand, where visitors flock to play volleyball, surf, walk, and cycle along the beachfront. If you really want to enjoy the beach at its best, then hang around to watch the sunset, which Jihui thinks is the best place to view it.

Sunset Huntington Beach
Whether you are watching from the pier or the sand, the sunsets in Southern California are always stunning


Eager to study at the beautiful Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California? Find out more about Kaplan’s English schools and courses. If you studied with us in Huntington Beach, share your tips and thoughts in the comment section. 

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