The 5 Most British Things You Can Do in the UK

Great Britain is a place oozing with culture and tradition. If you are planning to study in the UK, or have already studied here, you’ll have heard all the traditional tourist site recommendations. But what if you really want to enjoy British life like the locals do? This guide will help you do just that, and providing an insight into a Brit’s greatest pastimes.


1. Drink lots of tea

Was there ever going to be anything else to start us off? This is probably as British as it gets. Brits love to talk about tea, meet up for tea, and obviously drink tea. While tea itself has been around for centuries, the concept of afternoon tea came into fashion during the 19th century. Ever since, it has become a popular excuse to meet up with friends or take a short break from work. Spend more than a minute in a Brit’s house and you’ll definitely be offered a cuppa*.


British cup of tea
A cup of tea is an any-time-of-the-day sort of activity

*British term for a cup of tea


2. Enjoy fish and chips by the seaside

You may already know that one of the national foods of Britain is the classic fish and chips. If you haven’t had this, you haven’t really been as British as you could be. A nice country pub is where you might find a great fish and chips dish. But if you want to go a step further, there are hundreds of fish and chip shops along the coasts of Britain which can be enjoyed sitting on the beach in a calm (and often a little cold) breeze.


British fish and chips
You can't come to the UK without trying fish and chips


3. Pledge your allegiance to a British sports team

Sports are a huge part of British culture. Wimbledon is one of the most well-known tennis tournaments you could go to and usually comes around the time of year when Brits like to get out the sunscreen in a feeble attempt to not get burnt. If you’re a football (also known to the Americans as “soccer”) fan, go to a weekend match and enjoy a traditionally British half-time pie. Don’t be afraid to head to the lower leagues if the elite league ticket prices are too expensive! You will be sure to find the same amazing atmosphere and arguably better pies. 


British sports fan
Following a British sports team can shape your whole identity

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4. Explore as many British pubs as you can

Did you know that there are over 50,000 pubs in the UK? No matter where in the country you are, even in the most remote of regions, there is most likely going to be a pub down the road. They are great locations for catching up with friends over a drink or some classic British cuisine. When the weather is nice, try and find a pub with a beer garden, where you can sit outside in a cozy, friendly environment and soak up the sunshine.


British pub food
Enjoy a traditional Sunday roast at a British pub


5. Appreciate the weather when it’s nice – get outside!

You may have heard that Brits love to complain about the weather, whether it’s raining or blisteringly hot. But, as soon as the slightest bit of sunshine comes out, the nation flocks to the parks and fields to enjoy it the maximum. The atmosphere is infectious and not to be missed! There are hundreds of parks, such as Hyde Park and Regents Park (if you are in London) where you can hire pedal boats, or venture a bit further to places such as Hampstead Heath where you can take a swim with nature in the ponds!


British beach huts
Explore the British coast and see some of its charming beach huts


Have you lived or studied abroad in the UK? Let us know about your experiences in the comment section below.

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