Kaplan Celebrates #WorldPhotoDay

One of the best parts of studying abroad is being able to capture amazing moments, whether its time spent with friends, beautiful sunsets or the setting of whatever amazing destination you're studying in. In honor of #WorldPhotoDay, we've featured some of our favorite winners of the weeky #KaplanExperience photo competition. See what our students love most about their time studying, and who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to learn English abroad too!


Shared by Marcelo, New York

World photo day new york


What better way to see all of New York than a helicopter ride! But don't worry, there are plenty of other ways too. You can walk around the city for days soaking up all the culture and energy without getting bored. Or if you want some amazing views then why not head to the top of the Empire State Building


Shared by Luca, Dublin

World photo day dublin


As well as a bustling city, Dublin has some of the most amazing scenery you could imagine! Experience the rocky cliffs of the Irish coast and maybe you could capture some amazing photos like this too!

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Shared by Laia, Toronto

World photo day toronto


We absolutely loved this photo by Laia, jumping up in front of such a beautiful skyline! With the mix of big city and beautiful nature, Toronto is a fabulous destination for anyone looking for a mix of scenery and culture.


Shared by Eleonora, San Francisco

World photo day san francisco


San Francisco is a city full of culture. If you are an art and music fan, why not check out the neighborhood Haight-Ashbury, where the 'Summer of Love' movement originally came from! In a city famous for it's hills, you're sure to capture some stunning birds-eye views of this city by the bay.


Shared by Eugenio, Sydney

World photo day experience


Every year across Australia, beautiful light shows are displayed. Seeing the Sydney Opera House up close is already a surreal experience – but imagine seeing it with lights like these! Just another reason to love Sydney.


Shared by @recelbenmerha, New York

World photo day new york


We love this shot, against a beautiful skyline and an equally amazing sunset. If you're in New York, why not try a slice of famous New York Pizza. One of the best places to try is Di Fara in Midwood, which has been around since the 1960s!


Shared by @tahchh, Melbourne

World photo day melbourne


One of the greatest attractions Melbourne has to offer is the Great Ocean Road. It's a beautiful drive full of amazing scenery and wildlife, with the Twelve Apostles being one of the focal points. This picture perfectly captures the calmness that beauty that can be experienced there.


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