Meet the Pokémon in Our Schools

Based on the classic Pokémon franchise we all know and love, Pokémon Go is the newest virtual phenomenon taking over everyone's lives. Available on iphone and android devices, the game encourages players to train, battle, and capture Pokémon who appear in real destinations people encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Using GPS and location services, the game is transformed into a real time map of your current location, encouraging players to explore their surroundings in search of Pokémon. As you travel the real world, a selection of Pokémon will populate across the map, appearing at every day locations from coffee shops and restaurants, to train stations and parks.

With Pokémon popping up in unusual places, we asked our Kaplan students all over the world to share their Pokémon sightings with us.




Here’s a Krabby helping Jess with some office admin in Kaplan Liverpool.

You guessed it, Krabby is based on a real life crab. As a water Pokémon, Krabby is usually spotted near the sea and on beaches.

Pokemon at Kaplan
Jess enjoys hanging out with a Krabby in Kaplan Liverpool


Zubat seems to really love Kaplan. Ruben Garcia and Julie Qui spotted him flying through the corridors at Kaplan New York.

Based on a real life animals such as bats and rats, Zubats are incredibly common Pokémon, usually found within grassy areas.

Pokemon at Kaplan
Constantino and Mualla spot a Zubat at Kaplan New York


Jynx is checking out the social activities board in Kaplan Liverpool.

One of the more life-like Pokémon, Jynx is a female ice and psychic themed Pokémon. Her super power is the ‘draining kiss’, which substantially reduces a pokemon’s life during battle.

Pokemon at Kaplan
Students spot a Jynx at Kaplan Liverpool


Drowzee is trying to distract our students at Kaplan Manchester…it doesn't look like it’s working!

Based on a real life elephant, Drowzee is a hyponsis pokemon whose strength is putting his opponents to sleep.

Pokemon at Kaplan
Drowzee enjoys hanging out at Kaplan Manchester in the student lounge


Phone’s at the ready...there’s a a Clefairy on the loose in the Empire State Building.

Unlike many of the other Pokémon, Clefairy is almost nocturnal, and rarely shows itself to humans. When it does appear, it will usually be found dancing under the light of the full moon.

Pokemon at Kaplan
There are plenty of Pokémon at Kaplan Empire State!


It seems Pidgey is trying to study Intermediate English at Kaplan Manchester.

Like Zubat, Pidgey is also a bird Pokémon, and is extremely common. Found within woods and forests, Pidgey is effective at defeating it’s opposition with it’s ‘peck’ and ‘tackle.’ 

Pokémon at Kaplan
Even Pokémon are looking to study English at Kaplan Manchester


Pikachu has gone food shopping in Los Angeles - wonder what he's getting for dinner?

Synomous with the Pokémon brand, Pikachu is one of the most popular and famous Pokémon. Acting as a cross between a cat and a mouse, Pikachu is an electric Pokémon. While he may look cute, his thunderbolt is particularly powerful, and is very effective in defeating his opponents in Poké-battles. 

Pokémon at Kaplan
Pikachu enjoys the laid-back, sunny lifestyle of Kaplan Los Angeles


Geodude is waiting for a selfie at the Kaplan Philadelphia photo board.

As you can guess from his appearance, Geodude is rock Pokémon, and is made out of rocks and boulders. He is usually found within caves and mountains, and is resistant to most types of Pokémon.

Pokémon at Kaplan
Geodude can be found hanging out in the halls of Kaplan Philadelphia

Here’s Squirtle greeting the students in Kaplan San Diego’s reception.

As one of the original Pokémon, Squirtle is a water based Pokémon based on a real life turtle. Don’t let it’s cute appearance fool you – Squirtle is a skilled Pokémon to have, and often defeats it’s opponent by squirting water from it’s mouth.

Pokémon at Kaplan
You can find this Squirtle at Kaplan San Diego


Bulbasaur is looking for some friends in the student lounge in Kaplan San Diego.

Based on dinosaurs, Bulbasaur is a land based grass Pokémon. While Bulbasaur is typically found in long grass, he is a rare find and therefore should be treasured if he is spotted, particularly once he evolves into Venusaur where he is even more powerful.

Pokémon at Kaplan
Bulbasaur is a popular Pokémon with our Kaplan San Diego students


Charmander just entered the classroom in San Diego! Wonder what’s his favorite lesson?

As a fire Pokémon, Charmander is usually found in hot mountainous areas. His tail continuously burns, as is an indication of its mood and health – when it’s burning brightly he is strong, and when the flame is weak he is exhausted!

Pokémon at Kaplan
Looks like Charmander is ready to study some English grammar at Kaplan San Diego

Looking for more Pokémon to add to your collection? Why not head to our Seattle school where they're hosting a trip to the waterfront to catch 'em. What other Pokémon have you spotted in Kaplan locations? Share your Pokémon Go experiences in the comment section!

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